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Welcome to the Documentation Hub! We're a group of ATC and TAC C2 enthusiasts passionate for providing a high-quality immersive experience in DCS, and these documents will set out a standard for how we control traffic internally and externally.

Digital Controllers was created to provide a welcoming and accepting learning environment for those unfamiliar with the basics of ATC and TAC C2, and to create uniform standards for members, allowing them to fluidly work together and control pilots of varying skill levels in a sensible and reasonable way.

Our community is built on open-source principles - everything we do is publicly accessible and contributable. For more information on contributing, see Contributing.

Interested in joining us? Come check out our Discord! No matter your proficiency, you're more than welcome to join and discuss the intricacies of air traffic control in all its varieties. Pilots are also welcomed; bring your squadron along to our events!


  • evwltrs - setting up the static website and helping us with getting the ball rolling!
  • Syntax - offering advice, support, and software for use by Digital Controllers.